On Authenticity

Many organisations and brands are now rethinking their purpose in the light of the coronavirus crisis, as people seek to have more authentic relationships with those they buy and interact with. While we do of course discuss purpose in Customer Experiences with Soul, we place authenticity at the very heart of our framework.

We define authenticity as the maximum coherence between what we say, what we mean and what we do. Continue reading “On Authenticity”

How to Turn a Problem into an Experience with Soul

Written by Maria Moraes Robinson

In our Customer Experiences with Soul approach, we emphasise three pillars which are critical for an experience to be meaningful: authenticity, systemic vision and universal human values. In other words, the motivation to deliver a meaningful experience must be genuinely and deeply human. And it is always a great satisfaction to be able to see concrete examples of experiences that express these pillars. Continue reading “How to Turn a Problem into an Experience with Soul”

Fuji Xerox and The Trinity of Authenticity

In our presentation at Sustainable Brands Bangkok in October 2016 we talked about BrewDog co-founder James Watt’s notion that Internal now equals External and we also explained The Trinity of Authenticity, a key concept for sustainable brands which lies at the very centre of The Holonomic Circle, our new tool we created which has been designed to help organisations develop customer experiences with soul. Continue reading “Fuji Xerox and The Trinity of Authenticity”