Apivita – Where Purpose, Values, Beauty, Well-Being and Customer Experience Meet

Last week Maria and I were in Athens where we were participating in The Eco-Logic of the New Economy, a new event created by New Wrinkle, and which was inspired by our book Holonomics. The event was made possible by the support of Apivita, a Greek cosmetics company which was founded in 1979 with a philosophy and mission which was ahead of its time in terms of purpose, values, social responsible outlook and focus on innovation, including their customer experience.

The day before Eco-Logic we were invited to visit Apivita’s factory and headquarters which lie just outside of Athens. We also had the chance to visit the Apivita Experience Store with Eugenia Bozou, Apivita’s corporate affairs manager, giving us the chance to learn much more about Apivita’s history and philosophy. Continue reading “Apivita – Where Purpose, Values, Beauty, Well-Being and Customer Experience Meet”