Seminário Internacional aborda práticas para oferecer melhor experiência aos clientes

Press Release

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O Seminário International “Customer Experiences With Soul”, que será apresentado pelos professores Maria Moraes Robinson e Simon Robinson, tem por objetivo trazer para os participantes um novo olhar sobre seus negócios e sua atuação, ampliando a forma como relacionam com suas partes interessadas, sendo, assim, capazes de, a partir de um propósito claro e autêntico, criarem uma marca sustentável, inovadora e realmente centrada em oferecer a melhor e mais significativa experiência a seus clientes. Continue reading “Seminário Internacional aborda práticas para oferecer melhor experiência aos clientes”

Deepening our Approach to Customer Experience Design and Design Thinking

In 1995 I published my first paper on customer experience design in the journal Human-Computer Interaction. Titled Delivering Competitive Edge, discussing the way in which usability could give competitive edge to products, services and companies by developing closer collaborations between human factors and marketing practitioners.

We discussed how user-centred design practices could complement those in marketing, explaining how our Human Factors department had:

…adopted an approach we call ‘designing the customer experience’. At its heart was a programme of research into human needs. By bringing together Marketing and Human Factors with more radical perspectives such as semiotics and anthropology, creative and visualisation skills, and rapid technological advances, we have generated an environment for user-centred innovation.

The subtitle of Customer Experiences with Soul is A New Era in Design. There are a number of aspects of our approach which I have never seen in any other book on customer experience design, the main ones being universal human values, the transition of consciousness, collaboration vs ‘knotworks’, an extensive range of Brazilian case studies and Latin American culture, a focus on being, and finally the development of a new design tool we call the holonomic circle which is based on the philosophical practices of phenomenology and hermeneutics. Continue reading “Deepening our Approach to Customer Experience Design and Design Thinking”


The biggest news in the burger world this week was the Andy Warhol advert which Burger King aired during this year’s Superbowl.

If you have not seen it, here is the original documentary footage which was edited down to the 30-second clip. It comes from the Danish filmmaker Jorgen Leth who recorded Warhol in 1981 for his art movie “66 Scenes from America” which was filmed. Continue reading “#EATLIKESIMONANDMARIA”

Further Paintings by Henry and Hornel

Photo: Simon Robinson

In Customer Experiences with Soul Maria and I write about the artwork of The Glasgow Boys, an informal group of young artists that emerged in the nineteenth century. Two members of the group which we particularly focus on are George Henry (1858-1943) and Edward Atkinson Hornel (1864-1933), writing about their dramatic painting The Druids: Bringing in the Mistletoe.

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BrewDog head back to basics with new marketing campaign

We start Customer Experiences with Soul with a look at the meaning of the word ‘soul’ in business. We close chapter one with the following remarks:

One of the greatest challenges for any company wishing to grow is the continued nurturing of its soul, the very reason for its early success. In chapter four therefore we look at how BrewDog recognised this very issue and sought to capture more formally the essence of their being in their Be More BrewDog charter.

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Why I love Premier League Fantasy Football

The inspiration for this article came to me while thinking that I may need to explain the sudden deluge of Fantasy Football (#FPL) tweets to those who follow me on Twitter. The reason is that the vast majority of people who are following me are unlikely to be fantasy football fans, and have other interests such as design, customer experience, Holonomics – those kinds of things.

But I really feel that this incredibly absorbing, exciting, frustrating, and at times hilarious game justifies an article not just for my Twitter followers, but to all of you who may not have experienced the highs and lows of this amazing game, and also just how many lessons it can teach us. Continue reading “Why I love Premier League Fantasy Football”