Seminário Internacional aborda práticas para oferecer melhor experiência aos clientes

Press Release

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O Seminário International “Customer Experiences With Soul”, que será apresentado pelos professores Maria Moraes Robinson e Simon Robinson, tem por objetivo trazer para os participantes um novo olhar sobre seus negócios e sua atuação, ampliando a forma como relacionam com suas partes interessadas, sendo, assim, capazes de, a partir de um propósito claro e autêntico, criarem uma marca sustentável, inovadora e realmente centrada em oferecer a melhor e mais significativa experiência a seus clientes. Continue reading “Seminário Internacional aborda práticas para oferecer melhor experiência aos clientes”

Discussing the Challenges of Innovation in Brazil at Mecânica

Mecânica Manufacturing Experience took place this week, one of the largest international trade fair of its kind in Latin America, covering mechanics and integrated manufacturing systems. One of the main events at the trade fair was the Meeting of Industry Leaders summit, in which economists, CEOs, presidents, directors and executives met to discuss the future of industry in Brazil. Continue reading “Discussing the Challenges of Innovation in Brazil at Mecânica”

Eglobalis Nominate Customer Experiences with Soul as Top 30 CX Book of 2017

Eglobalis are an international strategy and innovation agency who specialise in customer experience design. headed up by Ricardo Saltz Gulko, the company used co-creation processes along the entire way. Their current customer portfolio includes Samsung, Amdocs, BlackBerry, Orange, Vodafone, HP, Oracle, Ericsson, Redknee, and other global corporations and mid-tier/early-stage businesses. Continue reading “Eglobalis Nominate Customer Experiences with Soul as Top 30 CX Book of 2017”

Customer Experiences with Soul English and Portuguese Slide Decks Now Available

Now that our book has been out for a few months it has been great for Maria and I to receive messages from many people who have read our book. We have had requests to work with our framework and how we are making our material available.

I am therefore pleased to share with you our two slide decks which are based on the various workshops and presentations we have been giving these last couple of months. The slides are downloadable in PDF, and can be used for those of you who may wish to run discussion groups or presentations introducing our framework. We have also included the Flourishing Business Canvas and the transition and evolution from the business model canvas. Continue reading “Customer Experiences with Soul English and Portuguese Slide Decks Now Available”

Customer Experiences with Soul – The Course

On Tuesday Maria and I had the pleasure of running our first Customer Experiences with Soul course in São Paulo, together in partnership with Aquarela Content Bureau and JK Iguatemi. With a wide range of attendees from many different industries, both B2C and B2B, the conversations were really interesting in terms of finding out at which stage people were at in relation to developing a focus on the customer in their organisations, what the challenges are, and where the opportunities lie for evolving our way of business to become more soulful. Continue reading “Customer Experiences with Soul – The Course”