Exploring Customer Experiences with Soul – The Full Bibliography

Customer Experiences with Soul is a very different kind of book to those previously written about customer experience design. I thought that I would share the full bibliography and explain a little more about what is inside, how our book can be used to inspire and instigate change in businesses and organisations, and how we are implementing our new tool ‘the holonomic circle’ with clients.

While other books have been excellent at talking about the tools and techniques such as customer journey mapping, almost none have gone behind these tools and techniques to look at what really is needed from leaders to engage whole organisations and place the customer experience within a wider context of purpose, values and also personal transformation. Continue reading “Exploring Customer Experiences with Soul – The Full Bibliography”

Who is in our Book?

Work on Customer Experiences with Soul began in 2014 when we started to record in-depth interviews with visionary business leaders, designers, activists and entrepreneurs who in one way or another expressed our Holonomics approach, the values, the way of seeing and the design and implementation of systemic solutions.

The interviews were wide-ranging and absolutely fascinating, and I would like to introduce you to those people who kindly gave us their time and shared their thinking for our book. Continue reading “Who is in our Book?”

What’s in our Book?

Well the period of blood, sweat and tears is now over and our manuscript and cover have now been signed off. We decided to print off the manuscript to see what it would approximately look lik, and this is what you are seeing in the photo above; it’s not the final printed version.

But as we are getting very close to publication, I thought you may like to see our table of contents. Continue reading “What’s in our Book?”

The Philosophical Inspirations of Customer Experiences with Soul

With my background in user experience design, business development and internet start-ups, in 2011 I was invited to become a guest lecturer at Sustentare Business School, in Joinville, where together we developed a new foundational module for MBA students on complexity. The name ‘Sustentare’ was chosen by the founder, Wilmar Cidral, who wanted to emphasise the importance of teaching both ecology and economics, and therefore to create a business school with this ethos as its foundation. The power and impact of the course came from the combination of Henri Bortoft’s dynamic conception of wholeness, Fritjof Capra’s systems view of life, lessons from the programme Human Values in Education created by educator Sathya Sai Baba, and our many years of corporate experience in customer experience design, innovation, product marketing, strategy and change management. In these classes Maria also facilitated many exercises and dialogue sessions with students, providing her perspective on what these teachings and insights meant in practical terms. Continue reading “The Philosophical Inspirations of Customer Experiences with Soul”