Love, Romance and the Customer Experience

Maria and I often visit a local restaurant, Maria Lima, which we go to a lot as it is just two blocks away. It had been quite an intense week for us (in a good way), and we just felt like relaxing in a very convivial location. We do love the restaurant. It has great food at reasonable value, and we also love the music there too, which is sometimes Indian and always eclectic. Continue reading “Love, Romance and the Customer Experience”

Bad Coffee in Good Hotels

I do always enjoy a good breakfast in a hotel, and nowadays to me it seems that with one or two notable exceptions (thank you Buenos Aires) there is not always such a great difference between what is on offer, independently from the quality of the hotel. As I was drinking a very disappointingly weak excuse of a cuppa in our final hotel in Teddington, I came to realise that what really makes a difference to me is the coffee.

No matter how good the other aspects of a hotel is for me, what leaves a lasting impression is the feeling I get from starting my day with a great cup of coffee.

This may seem like a trivial point, but I really think there is something significant to learn about customer experience design. A hotel simply is not able to offer a five star experience at three star prices, and neither should it try. However, what makes the difference between a good experience and an exceptional experience can often be found in one small detail. Continue reading “Bad Coffee in Good Hotels”