Press Release: Customer Experiences with Soul at Sustentare Business School

Authors Simon Robinson and Maria Moraes Robinson return to Sustentare Business School this month where they will be discussing insights from their book Customer Experiences with Soul: A New Era in Design at the Sustentare International Seminar.

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Customer Experiences with Soul at Schumacher College

Maria and I are extremely excited to be able to let you know about our new course which will be taking place at Schumacher College in the UK in January. The name of the course is Holonomics: Designing Flourishing Businesses with Soul and it brings together customer experience design together with our Holonomics approach which we created to really initiate profound organisational change in enterprises. Continue reading “Customer Experiences with Soul at Schumacher College”

O Curso ‘Customer Experiences with Soul’

Você já parou para pensar quem é o seu cliente em uma sociedade muito mais conectada e atuante? Com certeza vai muito além das pessoas que compram seu produto ou serviço diretamente. A organização que pretende ser uma marca sustentável é aquela que entende e considera todas as pessoas que interagem com a sua marca, dentro e fora da organização, como propagadoras dos valores e atributos que ela representa. Continue reading “O Curso ‘Customer Experiences with Soul’”

The Deep Science Walk

The most innovative people are creative people who understand the limitations of existing paradigms. They are able to break free from the cultural and societal constraints which can limit our thinking, resulting in an ability to conceive of new ideas, new services, whole new ways of being for their organisations.

They have a high degree of empathy, they have an ability to understand the views and perspectives of other people from radically different backgrounds to their own, and can naturally develop customer experiences with soul. So the question is how can we too break free from existing paradigms to become more innovative and creative?
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Vivi M.L. Storsletten: Reflections on Kindergartens, Management, Leadership and the Holonomic Circle

Vivi Storsletten is a Norwegian research fellow at the Centre for Ecological Economics and Ethics, Nord University Business School whose doctoral thesis is examining “flourishing processes of qualitative development”. Her work explores the rich landscape of stories and narratives in Norwegian kindergarten’s organisational context, researching new perspectives on what qualitative development and ‘enjoyment-of-life’ in ecological economics might mean at an organisational and individual level. Continue reading “Vivi M.L. Storsletten: Reflections on Kindergartens, Management, Leadership and the Holonomic Circle”