Roger Penrose on Beauty and the Transcendentals

In our new book Customer Experiences with Soul we describe being in relation to Plato’s Ideas, or which others have referred to as the trascendentals. These include beauty, truth and goodness. It was therefore extremely interesting to watch a new interview with Sir Roger Penrose, one of the world’s greatest living mathematical physicists whose more recent work has focused on understanding the nature of human consciousness, discuss Plato’s notion of beauty.  Continue reading “Roger Penrose on Beauty and the Transcendentals”

Slow Beauty in Brazil

Following a five year search for more sustainable and healthy hair care solutions, this month Cris Dios, cosmetologist and co-founder of Laces and Hair, recently launched Brazil’s first range of 100% natural hair colour solutions.


As well as nourishing hair fibres without fading them, they are also an excellent solution for people who suffer allergic reactions to products containing chemicals. I recently had the chance to speak in depth with Cris about both the importance of these new products, how they are a part of a more systemic solution within a wider ecosystem, and also how her approach to beauty epitomises our concept of Customer Experiences with Soul. Continue reading “Slow Beauty in Brazil”