On Authenticity

Many organisations and brands are now rethinking their purpose in the light of the coronavirus crisis, as people seek to have more authentic relationships with those they buy and interact with. While we do of course discuss purpose in Customer Experiences with Soul, we place authenticity at the very heart of our framework.

We define authenticity as the maximum coherence between what we say, what we mean and what we do.

Credit: Simon Robinson and Maria Moraes Robinson

There are two ways of thinking about “what we mean”. Some people say one thing but their true intentions remain half-spoken due to their
non-articulated motives.

And other people may wish to articulate themselves precisely, but that is not always easy, with language both revealing and disclosing
reality to us, and yet obscuring it at the same time when we stay within tightly-defined technical realms of expert knowledge.

But when we do manage to align all three elements of this trinity of authenticity, then we can begin to develop authentic purposes that
truly egage and energise people, both inside and outside of our organisations.

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