Customer Experiences with Soul at Schumacher College

Maria and I are extremely excited to be able to let you know about our new course which will be taking place at Schumacher College in the UK in January. The name of the course is Holonomics: Designing Flourishing Businesses with Soul and it brings together customer experience design together with our Holonomics approach which we created to really initiate profound organisational change in enterprises.

The course is based on our two books Customer Experiences with Soul: A New Era in Design and Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter

It’s been really fantastic to have our work recognised by Schumacher College, and this will be the first time Maria and I have taught in the UK. We really think that this course covers many topics not normally covered by courses of this kind, such as the focus on the way in which major organisations design and execute their strategies.

Our course includes a unique combination of themes and content, such as the Balanced Scorecard methodology, and tools such as the Holonomic Circle and the Flourishing Business Canvas. These elements will all be brought together from the perspective and philosophy of Holonomics into a single coherent and systemic approach.

If you are designer and wish to learn how you can really impact at the very heart of an organisation, this could well be a course that helps you shift gears in your careers,especially if you are looking to develop a more strategic role or opportunity.

For fees and information on how to contact Schumacher College and register for the course, please visit the course page: Holonomics – Designing Flourishing Businesses with Soul

And if you would like to read more about Holonomics and Customer Experiences with Soul, here are some introductory articles:

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