Celebrating Locaweb’s 20th Anniversary

Founded in 1998, Locaweb is one of Brazil’s largest internet service providers offering a wide range of products and services, including e-commerce and internet marketing platforms. As well as organic growth, they also acquired a number of companies including FBits and Tray, two complementary e-commerce businesses, allowing Locaweb to become one of the most important technology groups in Brazil.

Locaweb have won numerous awards for their products, services and also working culture, including Best Place to Work, 50 Most Loved Companies, Top 200 Best Technology Company and Top 250 Best Companies in Brazil.

Credit: FBits

Maria and I were recently invited to join Locaweb’s 20th anniversary celebrations, which also includes the 15th anniversary of Tray and the 10th anniversary of FBits. We were delighted to be able to share insights from Customer Experiences with Soul as well as taking a look at a range of future trends which will impact on the organisation over the coming years.

Credit: FBits

We presented first in Curitiba where FBits have their headquarters, and then at Marília where Tray are based. It was really great to hear from the senior team at Locaweb who spoke about the continued focus on customer service and the customer experience, and also to see the new branding which brings together Tray and FBits into a single unified e-commerce offering for small, medium and large enterprises.

It was also wonderful to receive so many positive comments about our work and approach, and our thoughts on the relevance of soul in our technological age.

Credit: FBits

In this photo you can see Willians Marques, founder of Tray (foreground) and Tiago Girelli, founder of FBits (background). At the second event Willians spoke with Maria and I on how our talk had really helps spark many ideas and insights, and how it was helping him really think about the language and way of communicating with their clients, no matter how large or small.

Both Maria and I would like to congratulate Locaweb group for this important milestone achieved in the life of the company, and we wish everyone all the very best for the chapter in their evolution and development.

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