Customer Experiences with Soul – The Course

On Tuesday Maria and I had the pleasure of running our first Customer Experiences with Soul course in São Paulo, together in partnership with Aquarela Content Bureau and JK Iguatemi. With a wide range of attendees from many different industries, both B2C and B2B, the conversations were really interesting in terms of finding out at which stage people were at in relation to developing a focus on the customer in their organisations, what the challenges are, and where the opportunities lie for evolving our way of business to become more soulful.

Photo: Daniela Carvalho

We took people through our holonomic circle, the tool which we introduce in our new book which describes the qualities of customer experiences with soul and how they can be put into practice and we then introduced the Flourishing Business Canvas, a visual tool which embodies the full concept of customer experiences with soul and also our Holonomics approach.

Photo: Daniela Carvalho

As you can see everyone taking part received a copy of Customer Experiences with Soul and it will be great to hear their comments, especially after having taken a deep dive into our philosophy.

Photo: Daniela Carvalho

We finished by inviting two very special guests, Cris Dios (who we interviewed for our book) and Itamar Cechetto, the founders of Laces and Hair, the São Paulo-based hair spa which are now starting to expand into other cities due to their success which comes from their focus on the customer experience. Laces have won a number of awards and been recognised as one of the top hair salons in Latin America, and their challenge now is to continue to nurture the soul of their venture while expanding in a conscious manner and maintaining the very essence which makes them so special and unique. We really enjoyed the discussion which helped people understand at a very practical level the meaning of both the holonomic circle and also the flourishing canvas.

It was a fantastic way to end the day, and we are looking forward to more editions in the new year when we will be introducing more aspects to the course and also different ways to experience our teachings.

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