Soul in the Expression of Service, Design and Beauty

Maria and I have just arrived back from Argentina where we were giving a presentation at Sustainable Brands Buenos Aires about both Customer Experiences with Soul and our first book Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter. It was a very deep talk, examining wholeness in our lived experience, and then introducing the holonomic circle, our new tool which is helping brands and organisations design customer experiences which fully articulate soul.

It was a very amazing experience for us, as this was the first time we had been asked to present both the dynamics of seeing, wholeness, and human values of Holonomics, jointly with the holonomic circle and our Customer Experiences with Soul framework.

Credit: Emilio Goldenhersch

Our work is extremely profound, and in order to help people understand what our framework looks like in practice, we chose the hair spa Laces from São Paulo, Brazil as an example of a company which fully embodies soul in their customer experience. As you can see in the photo above, we talked about Cris Dios, the founder of Laces, we discussed a number of their products, and we also looked at how their organic and natural products and the sustainable technologies which they are championing have been integrated into their spas, creating a unified customer experience.

Our talk also included a discussion on being and soul, and the way in which Laces invest a huge amount of time, effort and resources in their training and development programmes, and also support the families of their professionals as well.

Credit: Casa Claudia

It was therefore great to see last week the Brazilian style magazine Casa Claudia recognising the great achievement of the Laces family, in relation to their latest unit which they have christened Bioma Laces. I have already written about Bioma Laces in my previous article: The Launch of Bioma Laces.

In our talk at Sustainable Brands Buenos Aires, we talked about the trinity of beauty, truth and goodness, and how beauty shines a light on, and illuminates that which is true and that which is good. The article in Casa Claudia highlights the way in which artist Armarinhos Teixeira was able to integrate his amazing artworks of flowing fibres into the overall design of the spa, creating a quite unique experience for clients.

Photo: Laces and Hair

The spa also features the the largest collection of Brazilian furniture in a beauty salon, curated by art specialist Adriana Bianchi, which includes works by Sérgio Rodrigues, Jorge Zalszupin, Michel Arnoult, Jean Gillo, Florence Knoll and Nadezhda Mendes da Rocha. The design as a whole was a result of a phenomenal amount of team work, including architects Marcelo Bicudo and Juliemy Machado.

We started our talk by discussing the dynamic conception of wholeness, and this includes understanding systems in relation to the whole and the parts, the one and the many, and identity and difference. While these may seem like philosophical concepts, as I was at pains to point out, Maria and I discussed these in order to expose people to the thinking of designers, their consciousness, their awareness of how we experience phenomena, and their level of mastery. This is different to the way in which some people discuss Design Thinking, which more often than not does not go beyond the methodologies and processes of design.

Credit: Emilio Goldenhersch

Maria and I finished our talk by highlighting that customer experience design is the forgotten dimension of sustainability. Laces is an amazing example of this, in that without an absolute dedication to the customer experience, no matter how organic and natural the products and not matter which sustainable technologies they implement behind the scenes, clients will not be engaged and will not support their cause.

Maria closed our talk by saying with the insight that great companies are the ones which create customer experiences with soul. When you can connect with the soul of your organisation and experience the way in which it is expressed through each and every part, then you will have created a living, authentic brand. Laces really epitomise this philosophy, and it was wonderful for the whole team, the Laces family, to receive such great recognition from Casa Claudia.

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