Who is in our Book?

Work on Customer Experiences with Soul began in 2014 when we started to record in-depth interviews with visionary business leaders, designers, activists and entrepreneurs who in one way or another expressed our Holonomics approach, the values, the way of seeing and the design and implementation of systemic solutions.

The interviews were wide-ranging and absolutely fascinating, and I would like to introduce you to those people who kindly gave us their time and shared their thinking for our book.

Cris Dios, cosmetologist and founder of Laces and Hair

John Timpson, Chief Executive, Timpson Group

João Bernartt, Founder and CEO of Chaordic Systems

Eduardo Srur, Urban Interventionalist Artist and Entreperneur

Thomas Kolster, author and founder of Goodvertising Agency

Gunther Sonnenfeld, Founding Partner of Higher Order VC and Exile Leadership

Thomas Giordano and Pedro Oliveira, The New Brazilian Way

Helen Blake, Chief Executive, Futurecurve

Dr Paulo Chapchap, CEO Hospital Sírio Libanês

Walter Mancini, Famiglia Mancini

In addition to these interviews, we also received many other contributions for our book.

We are particularly grateful to James Watt, co-founder of BrewDog for allowing us to include the BrewDog charter, Bruce Temkin for providing us with permission to cite findings from the research of Temkin Group, Matt Watkinson for allowing us to publish his ten principles of great customer experiences, Henrik Kniberg for letting us use quotations from his video on Spotify’s engineering culture, and to Raphael Bemporad for providing us with the permission to share research insights from BBMG.

We are also grateful to Tao Ruspoli for graciously allowing us to share material from his wonderful documentary Being in the World (Mangu Films, 2014), including quotes from philosopher Hubert Dreyfrus who sadly passed away in April of this year.

Customer Experiences with Soul will be out on Amazon etc in a few weeks’ time. But for now it is available via this link with a 15% discount for those looking to get hold of an early copy: www.customerexperienceswithsoul.com

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