What’s in our Book?

Well the period of blood, sweat and tears is now over and our manuscript and cover have now been signed off. We decided to print off the manuscript to see what it would approximately look lik, and this is what you are seeing in the photo above; it’s not the final printed version.

But as we are getting very close to publication, I thought you may like to see our table of contents.

List of Illustrations
Preface and Acknowledgements

Chapter One: Customers, Experiences, Soul
What Do We Mean By Soul?
Why Customer Experience Matters
Soul in the Expression of Service, Design and Beauty

Chapter Two: Authentic Purpose
Keeping It Real
The Trinity of Authentic Purpose

Chapter Three: The Transition of Consciousness
The Journey to Authentic Dialogue
Knotworks – Networks with Ego
Creativity, Ego and Transformational Leadership

Chapter Four: The Holonomic Circle – Tools and Techniques
Designing the Customer Experience

Chapter Five: The Holonomic Circle – Human Values
Education in Human Values

Chapter Six: The Holonomic Circle – The Transcendentals
The Elements of Being
The One and the Many
Identity and Difference

Chapter Seven: The Dynamics of Being
Wholeness in Lived Experience
Calor Humano
Being and Soul

Chapter Eight: Arriving Full Circle
Journeying Through the Holonomic Circle
Love, Beauty, Generosity and Soul



About the Authors

Customer Experiences with Soul will be out on Amazon etc in a few weeks’ time. But for now it is available via this link with a 15% discount for those looking to get hold of an early copy: www.customerexperienceswithsoul.com

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