The AA Car Breakdown Service

Maria and I travel back to the UK each year for Christmas and New Year, and we always hire a car, normally using Enterprise, exploring new towns and cities, and of course seeing friends and family. A couple of years ago one of our hire cars had an extremely slow puncture. It was Sunday evening, and we were traveling from North Wales to Leeds where we had booked a hotel. I was worried that there could be a slight risk of a high speed blow-out on the motorway, so I called the AA which was the breakdown service for our particular hire company.

We waited for around an hour, having parked safely on the forecourt of a petrol station, and the engineer came in his AA truck. I think his name was Paul. He spent time checking each tyre, and despite doing some extensive testing, he could not find anything too much to worry about. He showed me how to reset the alarm on the dash board which had come on to indicate low tyre pressure, and declared that we would be fine to continue to Leeds.

At that point Paul could have driven off but he didn’t. He was clearly concerned about us and so what he suggested was that we set off along the A55 with him following behind. He would then flash to tell us to pull off the dual carriageway, where we would stop and he would test again to make sure there had been no drop in pressure.

We did this, parking up in a small industrial estate, and now being assured that all was well, we thanked him and finally set off again. We arrived in Leeds a couple of hours later, and shortly afterwards, around 10pm, I received a text message. It was from Paul just checking that we had made it safely. This was a great gesture I thought, quite beyond what was expected and necessary.

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