O Curso ‘Customer Experiences with Soul’

Você já parou para pensar quem é o seu cliente em uma sociedade muito mais conectada e atuante? Com certeza vai muito além das pessoas que compram seu produto ou serviço diretamente. A organização que pretende ser uma marca sustentável é aquela que entende e considera todas as pessoas que interagem com a sua marca, dentro e fora da organização, como propagadoras dos valores e atributos que ela representa. Continue reading “O Curso ‘Customer Experiences with Soul’”

Customer Experiences with Soul now available on Kindle

One of the major insights from our new book Customer Experiences with Soul: A New Era in Design is that you do not so much design the customer experience, it is more that you are your customer experience, and so if you wish to develop customer experiences with soul, you first have to embark on the journey of the transition of consciousness. Continue reading “Customer Experiences with Soul now available on Kindle”

A Study of The Druids – Bringing in the Mistletoe

In Customer Experiences with Soul Maria and I write about an absolutely stunning painting which caused a scandal at the time of its creation – The Druids – Bringing in the Mistletoe. For this reason I thought I would share some further photos of it which were taken at the Kelvingrove Museum and Gallery in Glasgow. The painting hangs permanently in the room dedicated to The Glasgow Boys, a loose-knit group of Glasgow-based artists who reached a creative peak in the 1880s and 1890s. Continue reading “A Study of The Druids – Bringing in the Mistletoe”

The Time is Now for a more Soulful Way of Business

Customer experience design is the forgotten dimension of sustainability. We need to transcend what have now become well-defined approaches and definitions of customer experience, to help companies understand why their offerings are no longer resonating with people, and how to develop a profound understanding of the lived experience of every single person whose lives our organisations touch. This understanding is just as applicable to those businesses and organisations developing sustainable products, services, technologies and initiatives.

Around the world there is a growing awareness of the destructive nature of current economic paradigms based on fragmentation, where powerful nations aim to dominate weaker nations rich in natural resources. The most enlightened businesses are now transforming their life-destroying business models to ones which are life-enhancing and which regenerate natural ecosystems and local economies. By shifting our focus into a more soulful way of being we can radically transform the attention of business from a focus on interactions that individual people have with products and services, to the quality of experience of communities and the richness of the quality of their lives. Continue reading “The Time is Now for a more Soulful Way of Business”

The Deep Science Walk

The most innovative people are creative people who understand the limitations of existing paradigms. They are able to break free from the cultural and societal constraints which can limit our thinking, resulting in an ability to conceive of new ideas, new services, whole new ways of being for their organisations.

They have a high degree of empathy, they have an ability to understand the views and perspectives of other people from radically different backgrounds to their own, and can naturally develop customer experiences with soul. So the question is how can we too break free from existing paradigms to become more innovative and creative?
Continue reading “The Deep Science Walk”