Robert Fripp’s Teachings on Leadership, Experience and Achieving Mastery

In Customer Experiences with Soul we explore the question of what it means to be human in a technological world. With our current COVID-crisis this question is now more pertinent than ever before as adoption of technologies for remote working and online collaboration accelerates. While today’s technology is introducing us to new ways of experiencing the world through mass connectivity and interactions, mass production has led to an obsession with efficiency, seeing everything – including people – as resources which must be optimised.

As just one example of this dehumanising mindset, White House adviser Kevin Hassett recently described people as “human capital stock”, saying that “Our human capital stock is ready to go back to work”.

In contrast to only viewing technology as an efficiency, creating solution, it is possible to explore the counter-position of personal mastery. The importance of this is that those people who have achieved personal mastery have a different way of being in the world. They have the ability to experience new worlds, and through art they have an ability to open up these worlds to us all. Continue reading “Robert Fripp’s Teachings on Leadership, Experience and Achieving Mastery”

Boris Johnson’s Teacup – An instance worth a thousand bearing all within itself

Today Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minsiter, published his 50-page ‘exit strategy’ document from the coronavirus lockdown. There is just one part of this launch that I would like to analyse, that is his teacup. This is not a humourous article, it is written with seriousness and sincerity. And this is because for me the teacup represents ‘an instance worth a thousand bearing all within itself’. Continue reading “Boris Johnson’s Teacup – An instance worth a thousand bearing all within itself”

On Authenticity

Many organisations and brands are now rethinking their purpose in the light of the coronavirus crisis, as people seek to have more authentic relationships with those they buy and interact with. While we do of course discuss purpose in Customer Experiences with Soul, we place authenticity at the very heart of our framework.

We define authenticity as the maximum coherence between what we say, what we mean and what we do. Continue reading “On Authenticity”

Timpson: An Authentic Customer Experience with Soul

James Timpson is the Chief Executive of Timpson Group, a business which was founded 150 years ago making, selling and repairing shoes. Today Timpson has a network of shops across the UK and is much more than a cobbler. Their services also include cutting keys, phone repairs, engravings and repairing watches.

Timpson are committed to being a responsible organisation that acts with integrity in everything which they do.  They are accredited by the Fair Tax Mark who recognise that Timpson strive to pay their fair share of taxes at the right time and in the right place. Their team at The Timpson Foundation support the recruitment of those marginalised groups of society who are often passed by when companies seek new colleagues, for example ex-armed forces personel and those who have been in prison but who now wish to find secture employment.

The business is still fully owned by Chairman and Chief Executive John Timpson, who is well known for his unique business style which he calls ‘Upside-down Management’. In 2004 he was awarded the CBE in the Birthday Honours List for Services to the Retail Sector and in 2017 was knighted for his services to business and fostering.

Maria and I were honoured to be able to include an interview from John Timpson about upside-down management, his commonsense management philosophy which is based on ensuring that those who have the power to really make a difference to customers actually have the power to get on with their work and do that is which is necessary. Timpson are a company which truly trusts everyone who works for them and which gives them the freedom to do that which they think best for their customers. Continue reading “Timpson: An Authentic Customer Experience with Soul”

We are now discovering which businesses truly have soul

For the entire global human population, these last few weeks have been frightening, stressful, challenging, worrying, demanding, and for many thousands of families, tragic. For those millions of us who are in a position to be able to do so, our lives have been dramatically curtailed through lockdown, while many millions more are still working in either essential services, or having to work in order to be able to contiue paying their bills and feeding their families.

The political leadership of different counntries have reacted and responded in many different ways, either helping to mitigate against the worst impact of Covid-19, or in other instances placed more people in danger through delayed or inadequate responses. With many countries therefore experiencing a void in collective help and support, businesses and organisations have been stepping in to help their customers, clients, worksforces and communities.

What we have been discovering in this trategy is therefore which organisations and businesses truly have soul. Which ones are more focused on sales and profit at any cost, and which ones are acting with humanity, understanding that their success can only come from the collective efforts of their people, and from serving their communities from which their livelihoods come from. Continue reading “We are now discovering which businesses truly have soul”

Corporate Identity and the Sonic Dimension of Soul

For a long time much of the music in corporate videos has irked me, especially that music found in videos explaining the nature of new startups. Much of the music all seemed to be very much of the same genre, with an inability to differentiate between soundtracks.

Today I found this really interesting fifteen-minute video essay on this theme, and liking it so much I thought it would be really worth a share. Continue reading “Corporate Identity and the Sonic Dimension of Soul”

Press Release: ‘Augmented Agility’ is the theme of the 2nd edition of Deep Tech Talks

What is behind a truly agile businesses?

By Mayhara Nogueira, 1STi

The earliest argument in Western philosophy about the essence of nature is the battle between two concepts: BECOMING (that which transforms), defended by Heraclitus, and BEING (what is unchangeable), proposed by Parmenides. As we look at our traditional systems – from nature, through the universe to our organisations – we know that life is in constant motion and transformation. To evolve you have to adapt to change. Such behaviour inspires us and invites us to focus our attention on how we adapt to current management models. Continue reading “Press Release: ‘Augmented Agility’ is the theme of the 2nd edition of Deep Tech Talks”

How to Turn a Problem into an Experience with Soul

Written by Maria Moraes Robinson

In our Customer Experiences with Soul approach, we emphasise three pillars which are critical for an experience to be meaningful: authenticity, systemic vision and universal human values. In other words, the motivation to deliver a meaningful experience must be genuinely and deeply human. And it is always a great satisfaction to be able to see concrete examples of experiences that express these pillars. Continue reading “How to Turn a Problem into an Experience with Soul”

Artists and Phenomenologies of Climate Change: A Community Proposal

Teresa Akers is a multidisciplinary designer, artist, and culture-maker, focused on realizing dreams into built products, experiences, and environments. Her practice “dances between paper space, digital space, and physical space to bring to bear highest expressions of purpose, giving impact-oriented ventures an edge in the burgeoning new experience economy”.

Theresa Akers

Theresa’s professional investigations into built and virtual environment center on how spaces, products, and environments tell stories. This experience allows her to apply systems level perspectives on providing a coherent, synchronous relationship between the mission of organisations and how they are expressed – through company culture all the way through to their product and service offerings.

For this reason it has been a huge pleasure to have been one of Theresa’s masters degree thesis supervisors for her course on Sustainable Design at Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD). Continue reading “Artists and Phenomenologies of Climate Change: A Community Proposal”